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Our financial planning service is focused on helping our clients gain control of their short term and long term goals, while identifying money downfalls and creating a comprehensive plan.

A unique plan that serves as the foundation to strengthen your financial life.

This process begins with your current financial snapshot. We work with you to determine how best to fortify your finances, reach your goals, and protect you from the unexpected. The comprehensive financial plan provides you with different options and realistic strategies that you feel comfortable implementing. There is also a timeline and checklists to create accountability, ensuring all agreed upon steps are taken in a timely manner. Your financial situation changes over time so we recommend an annual review to incorporate these and measure your progress.


A client-focused program designed to provide guidance for one specific topic.

The topics we cover in this package may include budgeting, saving for retirement or college, insurance, estate or tax planning, or limited investment advice. This includes a 60 to 90 minute appointment via phone, internet or in person – either at one of our offices, or even in your own home – for a discussion. A follow-up email is included with a one-page attachment with written recommendations so that you can take structured action immediately. 30 days of unlimited email for questions that arise in conjunction to the topic or situation addressed is included.

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